Good to have things:

Good to have things:

1. A fresh coffee berry that is dried in the sun, and then powdered whole and packaged as is.  It is then shipped to the wholesale and retail stores to be bought by one and then one can brew it into fresh coffee for a wholesome coffee experience.

2.  Some way of having whole cocoa beans - maybe just crack open the pod, scoop out the beans, dry them in the sun, pack them up and then ship them.  Maybe they could be cooked in a pressure cooker like a legume....

3.  A larger variety of salad greens - brinjal leaves, for example, are quite good, and taste unexceptional.  Lettuce is already available.  I wonder how fresh tobacco would taste (yes, smoking lettuce is also probably bad for health, though the fresh salad version is good for health.  The same logic probably applies to tobacco also....)

4.  Support and patronage for endangered species - give them a chance to contribute so that they get rewarded in some way, and hence can live out their lives till it is time for them to be killed and eaten.
If they are farmed commercially, they get a chance to live......  Some examples of edible meat are deer, antelope and gazelles...   Biblically they are edible.  Nutritionally they are low-fat and lean, and so good for health this way too.

5.  Whole-grain basmati rice would be absolutely a down-to-earth experience.....  Yet to experience it properly.....  Have tried a brown-basmati, which is probably good for payasam, but there are so many long-grain varieties that have that wonderful aroma, and which would be so earthly when eaten whole.                    Black-rice is sweet and smells good.  Whole-grain red-rice is what I eat, and it is very filling.  But there are so many other varieties yet to be tried.....  Currently available rices are many in variety, but the unmilled varieties need to reach the market too......   Freedom of choice - choose milled or un-milled varieties.....

6.  Burgers with whole-wheat buns and wraps with whole-grain wraps in the fast-foods would make fast-foods much more palateable, easy on the stomach, and easy on the mind.

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