An oil-free meal

An oil-free meal.

Choose a measuring vessel - either a bowl or a cup or anything, depending on the quantity that can fit in your pressure cooker at a time.

1 measure whole-grain rice + 4 measures water
1 measure split-green-gram-with-the-green-skin + 3 measures of water
1 measure broken-wheat + 3 measures of water
1 measures split-black-gram-with-the-black-skin + 3 measures of water

Place in the pressure-cooker, and remember to mix them well, otherwise they will stick on the bottom.  These are the minimum amounts of water.  (Too little and the mixture will stick to the bottom.  Too much and it will only become soupy, so use a bowl to serve, instead of a plate....)

Light the fire / turn on the heat to maximum to start with.

6 allelles of garlic, peeled and sliced

a handful of sliced cabbage (doesn't have to be fine, but go ahead and slice it fine if you're in the mood)
6 small brinjal, sliced, or 1 large brinjal sliced
1 drumstick, cut into pieces
any herb with seed, any shrub with seed, any vegetable with seed depending on the space in the pressure cooker (the fruits can just be eaten as is)

Spice seeds:
Sprinkle in some
mustard seeds
jeera seeds
saunf seeds
fenugreek seeds

coriander powder
turmeric powder
jeera powder
dry-ginger powder

(these amounts don't matter.  Just put some according to your preference.  If the ratio changes from time to time, you'll just have different tasting dishes with the same recipe-template, which makes it easier to cook - just follow this recipe and you'll end up with a different tasting dish each time.  Increase one type of seed one time, and another type of seed another time, or increase one powder this time, and another powder(s) the next time.
However, the ratio of the  grains and water and the legumes + water is important, though you can add more water to be on the safer side.  It becomes a little soupy, which is fine.)

Don't add salt yet, because it causes the grains to take longer to boil.  Just soak some tamarind in some water and add salt to it.  Keep till mentioned below.

By now the water in the pressure cooker must be starting to boil.  Stir the whole mixture again so that it does not settle on the bottom of the cooker - that makes it easier to remove into a serving bowl.

Rinse the gasket so that it will lead to a secure seal.  Fit the gasket into the pressure-cooker lid.  Put the lid on the cooker.

When the steam rises from the top, put the weight on, and turn down the heat / fire.

In about 15  minutes, switch off the fire / heat, and then either wait for the pressure to subside or .... but if you're just starting off with pressure-cookers, that's the way to go.

After the pressure subsides, (check by tapping the weight lightly with a spoon or ladle), then remove slowly and carefully and place in it's place, or you'll have to hunt for it when you need it again.

Slide open the pressure lid, mix in the salt-and-tamarind water, add chopped coriander leaves, and pour into a mega-bowl.

Serve in serving-bowls placed on plates (because the mixture will be hot), with a spoon.

Voila!  A meal without oil, but with some oilseeds (whole) so it's as easy as can be.

If you don't have some of the grains, legumes or spice-seeds or spice-powders or anything mentioned in this recipe, feel free to use any whole-grain, any whole-legume, any whole-spice-seeds.......  The method remains the same.  You don't even need to use spice-powders.  For added goodness, just put the seeds in without powdering.

Bon appetit.

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