Whole-wheat chappathi (unleavened bread)

Whole-wheat chappathi (unleavened bread)

Dry ingredients:

                1 cup whole-wheat flour (fine)
                1 cup home-ground whole-wheat (coarse)
                Salt to taste

Wet ingredients:

                1 cup water.

Utensils required:

                Roti-maker (like an electric waffle-iron)
                Mixing spoon.
                Tongs to open and close the lid of the roti-maker
                Wooden spatula to slide the rotis off the hot roti-maker surface.
                Plate to place the rotis on.

Method :

1.1.1. Switch on the roti-maker.
1.1.2.Mix the salt into the water.
1.1.3. Mix the salty-water into the mixed whole-wheats.
1.1.4.Mix with a spoon.
1.1.5. Shape into flat circular balls immediately and flatten slightly.
1.1.6.Make a roti.              Place each flattened ball toward the back of the roti-maker.             Press the lid down, being careful to use tongs to open the lid and to close the lid, so that the steam does not reach the hand.              Press till the dough flattens out to the edge of the roti-maker.  Release before it is pressed out.             Let it cook for about 15 – 30 seconds.              Using the tongs, lift the lid.             Using the wooden-spatula, slide the roti out onto the waiting plate.
1.1.7. Repeat with each flattened ball.

1.1.8.Switch off the roti-maker when done.

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