Whole red-rice recipes

Whole-rice and black-gram masala-dosa (like a pancake)


Dry ingredients

            ½ cup whole red-rice
            ½ cup black-gram
            1” piece dry ginger
            1 tsp jeera seeds (cumin)
            ¼ tsp Kashmiri-red-chilli-powder
            ½ tsp salt
            ¼ cup garlic cloves

Wet ingredients:

            ½ cup water

Utensils required: 

            Measuring bowl.
            Dry-grinder, with the option of liquid added later
            Non-stick frying-pan with a lid cover
            Gas stove for heat
            Plate for serving


1.1.1. Place the non-stick frying-pan on a low fire to pre-heat.
1.1.2.     Measure out the black gram.  Put in the mixie and grind to a powder.
1.1.3.     Open the top and add in the whole red-rice.  Grind together to a powder.
1.1.4.     Pound the dry-ginger piece to make it malleable.         Add the dry-ginger to the mixie mixture and grind to a powder.
1.1.5.     Add the jeera seeds and grind to a powder.
1.1.6.     Measure out the water.         To the water add the baking-soda, the salt, the Kashmiri-red-chilli and the whole garlic cloves.        Add the water mixture to the dry ingredients in the mixie.        Grind till the garlic cloves are ground.
1.1.7.     Pour two spoons of oil into the frying-pan.  Swivel to coat the base.
1.1.8.     Pour in the mixture from the mixie.
1.1.9.     Cover and let it cook on slow heat, till done, about 10 – 15 minutes.
Remove and serve with chicken curry.

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