Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake


o   1 cup Room-temperature soft Butter
o   2 cups Sugar
o   1 cup Eggs (5 eggs)
o   1 tsp Cream of tartar


o   2 cups Whole-wheat flour
o   ½ tsp Baking powder
o   ½ tsp Baking soda
o   1 cup Cocoa powder
o   Salt to taste, about ½ tsp.

Wet ingredients:

1 cup Cream-curd .   (Cream with curd-culture after some time becomes cream-curd).
Plain yoghurt if necessary
1 tbsp Water to mix the baking-powder and baking-soda in before adding to the curd mixture.


o   Whisk the butter with powdered-sugar.  Let it stand.
o   Crack all the eggs into a bowl.  Add the cream-of-tartar powder.  Let it stand. 
o   Switch on the oven to preheat to the required temperature –  350F.
o   Mix the baking-powder and baking-soda in a little water and mix that into the curd (yoghurt).
o   Sift the dry-ingredients together.
o   Grease the cake-tin generously with butter.  Then put in a cup of the sifted-dry-ingredients and swivel the cake-tin so that the greased inner surface is floured.  Tip the excess flour back with the rest of the sifted ingredients.
o   Whisk the butter and powdered-sugar again till soft-peaks form.
o   Add the eggs approximately one by one to the butter-sugar mixture, whisking after each addition.
o   Whisk the mixture well till well-defined peaks form.
o   Add some of sifted-dry-ingredients and then some of the cream-yogurt.  Repeat this, alternating the sifted-dry-ingredients with the cream-yogurt till they are completely added.  Add a little plain yoghurt if the batter is not loose enough.  Or red-wine!
o   Pour into the greased and floured cake-tin, making sure the edges are battered.
o   Open the oven and slip the filled cake-tin onto the top-shelf of the oven.  Close the oven door gently.
o   Let the cake bake for 20 – 35 minutes till the wonderful aroma arises.
o   Gently open the oven door, being careful of air draughts and carefully slide the cake-tin out and onto a hot-safe surface.  Let it cool.
o   Frost as desired.
o   Serve.


·         Be careful with the hot cake.  It’s rising so it should cook in a stationary atmosphere.  And cool in a stationary atmosphere.

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